How To Clean Leather Upholstery

Clean Leather Upholstery

The method and approach used to care for and clean leather upholstery differs from conventional fabric or polyester. It is a must to understand the right way to maintain the leather, as improper leather maintenance can result in stains, damage, and ruined upholstery.

Leather furniture adds a touch of luxury to any space with its luscious texture and supple feel. Fortunately, leather doesn’t require the meticulous upkeep you might associate with other finer things, despite its luxury. So, learn how to clean leather upholstery to keep it gleaming and brand-new to get the most value for your money. Leather lasts forever with the correct amount of care and maintenance.

Before we get started, let’s familiarize the differences between leather and faux leather. The techniques used to clean natural leather will not work on faux leather since leather differs from faux leather.

We have outlined a few steps below if you’re interested in learning how to clean and maintain your leather upholstery for a longer time.

Step 1. Vacuum the leather upholstery thoroughly

When leather is kept clean, it maintains its appearance longer and appears better. Vacuum your leather furniture using hose attachments regularly to remove dust and debris that might develop on the cushions. Your leather furniture may become stained by dust, filth, and even oils from your skin and hair, which could harm the finish. Vacuuming and cleaning with care are vital for keeping your furniture looking new.

Step 2. Removal of remaining grime and dirt

Use a microfiber towel, a tiny amount of water, and a light coating of a mild soap solution to gently wipe clean the leather upholstery after vacuuming up any remaining loose dirt. This procedure will aid in the removal of any stubborn grime and dirt.

Avoid soaking the leather material. Excessive wetness can harm the leather polish and lead to mold or mildew growth. The purpose of this cleaning is to remove dirt rather than to wet your upholstery. Refrain from using soaps with aggressive cleaning agents since these can damage the leather finish.

Step 3. Usage of leather cleaning kit

After cleaning with water and soap, apply a leather cleaning kit to your furniture. Many furniture manufacturers sell leather cleaning kits as an add-on to a protection package. Wipe down your leather upholstery with a microfiber towel according to the guidelines included in your package. The final step before safeguarding your leather upholstery is to clean it with a leather cleaner.

Step 4. After conditioning the furniture, buff it

Utilizing a leather protector is the next step after cleaning your leather furniture to help prevent further damage. It is advisable to research which leather protection product is most suitable for your leather upholstery. Use a microfiber cloth to apply for your leather protection before carefully working it into the leather and wiping away any excess. After cleaning and protecting your leather, wipe down with a dry towel to remove any excess leather protection.

Carpet cure recommends that you vacuum and wipe down your leather upholstery every two to four weeks, depending on how frequently you use it. The conditioning should be performed on an annual basis by us.

Since carpet cure has been dealing with leather furniture for many years, we want to provide you with the best leather cleaning and care methods. For further assistance, contact us at (647)- 454 1256 or mail us at

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