The Difference Between Low Moisture Cleaning And Hot Water Extraction

hot water extraction or low moisture carpet cleaning

Many individuals are still confused about which carpet cleaning method is best for their carpet: carpet cleaning with hot water extraction or low moisture carpet cleaning. 

Carpets frequently experience considerable foot traffic and spills of coffee and soda, which makes it easy for signs of wear to appear. These signs include stains and discoloration patches that seem invincible and tenacious, just refusing to fade.

Residential and office carpets become dirty and remain unclean, so it’s not simply a cosmetic problem. They develop into a natural habitat for insects, mites, and microorganisms. It fosters an unhealthy environment for residents and office staff to thrive in, causing them to become sluggish and unwell. So, Carpet cure recommends getting your carpet professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months.

Several options are available when using a carpet cleaning service, each offering its benefits. As a result, you may be wondering which carpet cleaning procedure to use.

Low moisture carpet cleaning and hot water extraction are the two most regularly used carpet cleaning treatments. As a result, we would restrict our discussion to the two.

Low Moisture Cleaning

A carpet cleaning technique called low moisture carpet cleaning uses water-saving technologies and dries carpets quickly. There are various steps to it.

1) We vacuum thoroughly using industrial vacuum equipment to remove any high-level particles.

2) Your carpet will be softly misted with a hospital-grade cleanser and disinfectant.

  • You should give this cleaner a few minutes to sit on your carpet so it can start working on removing any stains from everyday use.
  • For any heavier stains, we will use a specially formulated cleaner and may use a little elbow grease to ensure that the cleaner is removing the stains.

3) You will be using an orbital carpet cleaning machine equipped with special cotton carpet cleaning pads when you hire carpet cure to clean your carpet.

  • These pads gently scrape carpet fibers up from the bottom of your carpet when used with our orbital cleaner.

The main benefits of low-moisture carpet cleaning are water conservation and rapid drying times. It is also one of the most environmentally friendly ways to clean commercial carpets.

Hot water extraction

Hot water extraction is a carpet cleaning method that uses a small quantity of cleaning solution mixed with high-pressure hot water to deep clean carpets. 

Water at high temperatures and pressure agitates the carpet fibers, thoroughly washing away the surface and sedimentary dust particles. Depending on the application, two distinct types of equipment are employed to shoot water onto the carpet. There are truck-mounted extractors for cleaning carpets that require more power and portable extractors for cleaning jobs that are otherwise inaccessible by truck-mounted extractors.


The most successful carpet cleaning procedure is hot water extraction, which allows for the removal of even the most tenacious stains. It also helps a carpet last longer because it utilizes little to no chemicals.

Both carpet cleaning techniques are very efficient and have their benefits. Therefore, you should select the option that best suits your needs and budget.

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