How often should you clean your carpets professionally?

how often should carpets be cleaned

Many people lack knowledge and awareness about how often should carpets be cleaned professionally. Carpets are probably the most apparent piece of decor in your living room, so their condition has the most significant impact on the style of your living space. So, you would like to try your best to maintain its cleanliness and keep it free of dust, odors, and allergens. Owning a carpet is a significant investment, and you would want to make sure your carpet lasts as long as possible.

Maintaining a regular cleaning routine is essential to keep your carpet looking clean and functioning at its best. Professional deep cleaning of your carpet is an excellent technique to remove dirt, dust, residues, and allergens that accumulate on/in your carpet over time.

But how frequently should you vacuum your carpet? Well, that depends on various factors. Some households will require professional carpet cleaning every three to six months, some every six to twelve months, and others only once every twelve to eighteen months. So, if you’re wondering how frequently you should have your carpets professionally cleaned.

Here are some factors to consider regarding how often should carpets be cleaned by professionals:

1. Regular vacuuming.

If you vacuum regularly, roughly once a week will extend the life of your carpet. Before particles sink deeper into your carpet and begin wearing off the fibers, vacuuming eliminates loosely settled particles from the surface of your carpet. You may be able to avoid hiring a cleaning service for a longer duration by regularly vacuuming.

But eventually, professional deep carpet cleaning is a must to keep your carpets clean, no matter how frequently you vacuum. So, if you haven’t hired a professional to clean your carpet in a long time, now is the best time to do.

2. Someone in your house has allergies.

Your home carpet functions as a filter in many ways, so it collects allergens and dust that float around your living room. Dust and allergens accumulate in carpet fibers over time and become airborne whenever someone walks across the carpet. 

Consequently, if there is an allergy sufferer in your home, you should have your carpet cleaned regularly by professionals (every 4 to 6 months should suffice) to create a healthy living environment and reduce reaction symptoms.

3. Allow pets on your carpets.

You probably already know that cleaning your home frequently is a good idea if you have pets. In addition to bringing dirt from outdoors, pets can leave excrement, vomit, or pee on your carpet. 

Even the most well-trained pets can dirty the carpet without our knowledge. Your carpet may eventually begin to reveal unattractive stains and produce intolerable scents. Fortunately, regular carpet cleaning will help eliminate the stains and neutralize the stench.

4. Do you have children?

Kids are adorable, and we all adore them, but they may ruin your carpet, so be careful. When you have kids, how often you should clean your carpet depends on how strict you are about allowing them to eat and drink on it. 

Furthermore, if you let your children wear shoes or color and paint in the house, you may need to have your carpet professionally cleaned every six months, according to Carpet Cure.

5. Colour of your carpet.

It’s a known fact that light-colored carpets reveal stains and dirt quickly. Brightly colored carpets will need to be cleaned more frequently than dark-colored carpets to maintain their appearance. 

Dark light-colored carpets, however, can brighten up living spaces and reveal dirt before it’s too late, so you don’t necessarily need to avoid them.

6. Do you allow shoes on your carpet?

Shoes introduce dirt and microscopic particles of grit into the house, causing carpet fibers to wear out faster. The greater the number of people in your home, the more traffic and dirt your carpet will have to withstand. For this reason, it is necessary to remove grit and dirt periodically and to allow professional washing every six months to prevent permanent wear patterns.

How frequently should your carpet be professionally cleaned then? As you might have predicted, the above factors will affect how often to clean. While the usual advice is 6-12 months, if your living space is prone to dust, allergens, filth, and stains, you may want to have it professionally deep cleaned more frequently, according to Carpet Cure.

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